Enhance remote learning and teaching with Vialog

Vialog's innovative video discussion tool allows students to interact with the course material and enhances remote teaching and learning.

Education is changing

Increase the number of interactions students have with course material online. Transform physical classes into virtual classes.

Ask and respond to students

Students can submit short (<1 min) videos that are directly linked to an exact second of any lecture video, allowing lecturers to respond to the entire class.

Discuss lectures anytime

Increase the number of student interactions with course material, teachers and their peers. Improve the searchability of lecture content with transcripts and let students 'raise their hands' when questions arise.

Face your course

Vialog's tool can be easily used in any LMS, like Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas to enhance interactivity. Match class materials with student-generated unique videos.

Get your discussion tool now

Add Vialog to your site with a 1-minute installation.
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