How to update the Vialog tool


Vialog's new embeddable tool is faster, more shareable and more secure. You can read more about what has changed here:


Timeline: actions you need to take by 3 May 2021

From Monday, 3 May 2021 we will only show videos with the new embeddable tool and on domains that are added to your whitelist.

These are the 4 steps you need to make:

1) Update your embed codes

The most important thing you will need to do is to update your embed codes on all of your pages of your website where you use Vialog. Here is an example:

<a name="vialog-YOUR_DISCUSSION_SHORTCODE"></a><script async src="https://ui.vialog.app/vialog-loader.js" data-vialog="YOUR_DISCUSSION_SHORTCODE"></script>

Use these new embed codes that are available on your Discussion Settings pages. You can copy them with the "Copy embed code" button and replace the code that you currently have on your web pages.


Use the preview of the video discussion on the bottom of the Discussion Settings page to check that everything looks as expected.

If you need to make a change, remember to save it by clicking "Update Discussion".


Before you update your embed codes, make sure to check your colours. You may need to update the Title Colour, Action Text Colour and Action Colour.

2) Whitelist your website

Allowed Domains are the URL of your website where you would like to display your video discussions. You can use the asterisk (*) symbol to match for subdomains, e.g. *domain.com. Your website should have an SSL certificate.

Add your domain in your account's email and Domain settings


Domains you add as whitelisted will be able to embed any of your discussion. If you want to allow another website to embed one specific video discussion, then you should add that extra whitelist domain to the Discussion Settings page.

3) Check your Vialog Share Links settings

Vialog Share Links are public links for your discussions on Vialog site (here is an example) that you can share with anyone and search engines can see. Individual Discussion Settings overwrite this setting. Enable for public discussions. Read More:

Vialog Share Links are a way for you to share a discussion without embedding it on your website. When people follow or share a discussion, this is what automated notification emails include. We recommend Enabling it on your account.

If you want more security and privacy for your video discussion, you can overwrite this account setting for any individual discussion in Discussion Settings.

For example, if you are hosting a discussion behind a paywall or in a Learning Management System like Moodle, participants would likely expect more privacy, therefore it is your role and opportunity to make sure that that discussion is private to them by disabling Vialog Share Links.

Check your Vialog Share Links settings in your account's email and Domain settings


Make sure to Enable this setting on your account if you want to allow people to share and follow discussions. For discussions with Vialog Share Link disabled, the email notifications will link to a blank page. We recommend to only disable Vialog Share Links if you need full privacy to all of your discussions.

4) Check your My Brand URL settings

My Brand URL is how your domain or brand is displayed in automated notification emails. We recommend simple, readable format since these will not be converted into links. Add a Brand URL like "example.com".

Check your My Brand URL settings in your account's email and Domain settings

You've made it!

Once you done the above four steps, your video discussions (with the same videos you've already received) will be working in a faster, more shareable and more secure way.

When you have come this far, you've gained yourself a renewed title to video discussion champion. This is the time to say thank you for your incredible and great feedback and support!

We will continue building what matters to you so do not ever hesitate to send David a video message, shoot us an email, or write to us via chat on your Vialog Dashboard.

Note about Host Videos

We believe there is nothing that competes with the raw power of videos. That is why we encourage you as the Host to record your first video as soon as you created a new discussion.


You can change the Call to Action Mode to Video on Discussion Settings and select any published Video you want to set as your Host Video.

If you are using text to ask a question, you are much less likely to receive video responses. You must lead the conversation with an example. You can only start a discussion with a video. With video questions, you can expect video responses. Discussions that already have a video are significantly more likely to receive video responses.

We invite experts journalists and educators to
We invite experts journalists and educators to join this discussion about infodemic

You can best expect everyone else to overcome camera shyness if you provide them with a blueprint for the video format you are looking for as a Host. The more inviting your Host Video is, the better video responses you can receive.

What we've phased out

Based on usage and feedback, we have also phased out (sunsetted) a few earlier experiments:

End of Default Video Labels

We no longer add automatically numbers to videos. You can use the Custom Labels to do so, if you wish.

End of Featured Videos

But you can still feature a video with it's position, by setting it as Host Video or by adding a Custom Label

End of the Video counter

The video counter previously showed the total (published and pending) number of videos in a video discussion.

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