What's new

What's new

Here is a list of what we have shipped

v2.0.2 Jun 15, 2021

1 thread 1 tree programme

We are planting one tree for each discussion you start on our platform.
  • Video discussions with at least 1 published video qualify. Older discussions also benefit when new videos are published.
  • Read more about
    Our commitment to the environment
    Our commitment to the environment

Global refactoring

Faster and smarter video discussions
  • Enhanced application structure for faster load time.
  • Protections from accidental loss of ongoing and un-submitted recordings.
  • Faster initialisation of Vialog discussion skeleton prior to appearing on screen when client website has completed loading.
  • Video throttling to ensure that videos appear more dynamically.


Finish your thought on time
  • Improved visual feedback on remaining time during recording.
  • 10 extra seconds to safeguard your last thought.
Navigate with keyboard
  • Vialog's UI component is now accessible for keyboard-only users.
  • The following actions were introduced:
  • → Right Arrow — Fast Forward 5 seconds

    ← Left Arrow — Reverse 5 seconds

    ↵ Enter / Return — Reply to selected video

    ␣ Space — Pause and resume video playback

    ⇥ Cycle through between videos.

Clickable progress bar
  • Click or tap on the progress bar (top of videos) to adjust playback location of the video.
Upgraded all clients to the new Vialog tool

Following tests at top communities over the past months, all our basic account now run on our React frontend.

Moderation Dashboard

Simplified user experience
  • The tab-based design of 'Discussion settings' and 'Manage videos' provide more clarity.
  • Colour and fonts are updated.
  • Simplified video player and improved data display.
  • Colour picker to ease customisation of video discussions to match your brand design.
  • Improved discussion creation.

v2.0.1 Mar 5, 2021

Beta release of the new Vialog tool

Rebuilt in React ✨
  • We have created a brand new React implementation of our embeddable tool that we designed for optimal user experience and performance. The ground-up rebuild has given us the opportunity the remove all the limitations compared to the previous version of the tool and create a much more modular, scalable and flexible solution.
  • Beta tested with world-class communities and providing priority onboarding to our existing video discussion champions with this release.

More shareable

Follow discussions
  • Ability to get email updates about new video published.
Share discussions
  • The ability to share the video discussion using email address or social media networks.
Get replies

Ability for the video creators to subscribe to updates.

More secure

Allow your domains (whitelisting)
  • Community Managers can now record a list of individual domains where they would like to allow their video discussions to be displayed. This enables private discussions added to your websites that might require sign in to secure the content in a fully controlled way.
  • Domain whitelisting allows you to fully eliminate unwanted access to your content. This is the basis of private video discussions.
Vialog share links
  • Public links on Vialog site (here is an example) that Community Managers can disable or allow to share discussions with search engines and real people.

New design

Host videos
  • We believe there is nothing that competes with the raw power of videos. That is why we encourage all of our Hosts to record their first video as soon as they create a new discussion.
  • Ability to set any published video in the discussion as the Host Video. By replacing Call-To-Action texts with Host Videos, Community Managers can provide their community with a blueprint for the tone and format they are looking for in their discussions.
Bigger videos
  • We have increased the size of the video cards, allowing for improved engagement in discussions.
  • First set of aesthetic updates to improve the look and feel of the Vialog tool, letting our community do the talking.


Recording process
  • Creators can submit the video without replaying it. They can also browse the website while the video is being submitted.
Video consumption (gapless autoplay)
  • Ability of gapless autoplay enables the viewer to view the videos one after another, more closely resonating as a virtual discussion.

Coming up next

  • Multilingual recorder interface
  • Scheduled discussion
  • Grouping response videos
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Subtitles
  • Custom typefonts

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